Pre-game: The David vs Goliath showdown before Easter.

After mother nature left us rain in southern California, it also left the Oxnard Gurreros’s Del Sol stadium dumped and forced the match against riverside to be postponed. Only two matches were played in the South West Conference last Saturday; FC Arizona tied 3-3 in an exciting match vs ASC San Diego. Our rival Temecula also tied OCFC 1-1, (watch here for full match). Table standings (week 2)
1 OCFC pts 4
2 FC Golden State pts 3
3 Temecula fc pts 2
4 Albion sc pts 1
5 Riverside Coras pts 1
6 Fc Arizona pts 1
7 Oxnard Guerreros pts 0
*Oxnard, Riverside, Albion and Golden State played 1 game.

Riverside and FC Golden State didn’t have league play last weekend meaning both teams play their 2nd match in week 3. For the visitors FC Golden State, this is their first year competing in the NPSL. Joined in 2017, FCGS had played in the pro development league (PDL) prior to this season, and made a grand entrance to the league by defeating Fc Arizona (conference champs last season) out there in Meza, AZ 3-1 courtesy of  two free kicks and a penalty. The match, in fact, was the NPSL’s national game of the week as FCGS played a 4-5-1 team with two center defensive midfielders (CDM) showing a defensive playing style. Showing consistency, this will now be FCGS second week playing a GOTW (game of the week). Riverside are working on getting their 1st win in 2018, and based off their current form it won’t be easy to stop the new guys.

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