Black and Gold in Riverside? Coras new staff hire hopes to rattle the status quo.

Robert Vidiro (third from the right with glasses) after the game with a youth team from San Diego

Image courtesy: salvador torres/coras social media 

Last week’s practice for Riverside Coras, ahead of their match vs FC Golden State,  brought a new face to the training staff. Riverside Coras brought in LAFC academy scout, Robert Vidrio as the new technical director. Having seen talent almost all over the world, Robert’s new challenge will be analyzing Riverside’s players.  His first impression with the league was positive and it resembled the structure of youth clubs in Europe. Robert’s main objective is to expose the players to the professionalism that pro teams are looking for. “It’s baby steps in soccer” he said, “we all had to learn to add, before we [could] do algebra so there will be challenges for the players to be successful.”

“My parents always used to tell me that you need to be challenged to be successful, always be open-minded and learn from other people” -Robert

Robert’s first impression of the talent was positive, but wants to focus on challenging the players. “In order to be a coach you have to be crazy” he said. ” You have to work with [every] kid in order [for them] to believe in your system.  A lot of kids in the US, who have good quality , never get challenged or get the opportunity to be challenged. We have to give them the opportunity and self-esteem to believe in themselves. We need to give them trust ,because a lot of coaches just want to take the best talent and not work the bad talent. My goal is to go to the next level with this team, to a USL level, or something like that”  he concluded.

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