Post match interview with Head coach Gabiel Esqueda.


What was your overall impression of today’s game?

We played better than 2 weeks ago, but we were matched up with a little bit of a stronger team. I feel that they [FCGS] were a little more organized, and after the first 30 minutes they started to make their adjustments. We didn’t adjust accordingly and they found gaps. We gave them a goal, that brings our moral down and it’s hard to play from one down, in that hole, with that mentality with such a tough team in front of you. We sunk, it was hard to recover that energy, that effort and was difficult for us to get reorganized. We are a new team getting to know each other but moving forward we have the talent to compete for the league. I see promise in my guys, I see positive things and I see that hunger. I want to get them on the same page, once we get that we can get some more goals. We only had about six shots today, but you get that with a new team.

What are a couple of things you have learned from your players this game?

They like to be organized, if we aren’t organized they will find a little bit of doubt and run with that. I think we could have been a little more precise, I think we could have not lost the ball so easily going forward but those are some things we can work on going forward. I learned that my guys are ready to fight, we didn’t give up at the end, we almost got back into it. But it didn’t fall our way, it wasn’t a good effort on our part. The skill is there, the talent is there; it’s just about being intelligent on the ball, being intelligent with our group, trusting each other, having fun with each other, and not showing that frustration that we show sometimes. We come in with a pedigree of being on top and these results are indicative of what we’ve been building.

What adjustments are looking for against San Diego?

We want to get a little bit more defense. Hopefully exploit the outside a bit more and that way we can get our center forward involved and not have him come outside to get the balls or check to the balls, we can have him go 1 v 2 and get some strikes [ on goal]. We want to exploit the wings, so we have to do a better job at controlling the ball on the inside. I’m excited for Albion, they came in fourth last year, but I feel they were the most talented team in the league, apart from us of course, but it’s a matter of getting together and being cohesive. We have a strong group and [strong enough] to challenge for a top four spot. Let’s see what the football says, let’s see what those guys decide to do within the week. If they decide to dedicate these next 5 days to the game we will see the result.


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