Family Vacation: Riverside Coras FC Bye Week Double-Header


Let’s not hide away from the results, they’ve been poor, but Riverside has shown some positive signs of change. So we will take our one point home, reflect, and then get back to work and ready for our next NPSL matchday (4/29/2018 at OCFC). This week though, we get to have a sweet double-header at home: Valencia Warriors meet Riverside Coras U19s at 4:00pm, then after Riverside Coras will play SoCal Premier/ UPSL side, Valley FC.

Soccer Sunday this week is giving you two matches at the price of one, already low costed ticket! Why are friendlies great? Friendlies are great because it’s an oppurtunity to meet new soccer people, see a team you may have never seen or will ever see. Friendlies within lower league soccer are a perfect celebration of the beautiful game, highlighting the product on the pitch and having fun with the fans in the stands.

To warm up the crowd, the Riverside Coras U19s will be looking to prove their skills against Valencia Warriors FC, a new club built upon 4 strong principles:

Hope- that players become professional.

Honesty- everybody on the team looks out for each other.

Loyalty- We serve our community and they know they have a team they can count on.


-Owner/ Team Administrator Joshua Perez

Hope is a strong principle that even extends to Riverside’s U19s. For a U19 player this match can be an opportunity to show that they may be ready for the next step. What I’m most excited to see is which player can step up when needed, which player is going to work the hardest and which player is going to unselfishly releasing the ball to create opportunities for others. I want to see the U19s come up against a strong Valencia side who aren’t willing to crack in defense and who will give the U19s a strong challenge.

The senior team will be looking to get a solid 90′ minutes against Valley FC, a new and hungry squad looking to show they can play up against a NPSL opponent.

“I’m hoping to get a 2-1 victory, but I’ll be satisfied with a 1-1 tie. We have a pretty fast striker and one of the most talented players on our squad Tonio Bernal. Another would be Carlo Placencia  a fast winger and is our top scorer at 4 goals.” -President of VFC Gustavo Portillo

Riverside Coras FC will have to be able to stop what appears to be a very quick and attack minded team. With Riverside’s improving defense and stabilizing spine, look for the Coras to control majority of possession to limit opportunities from VFC attackers. I would like to see a similar midfield to the one against ASC San Diego:


Offensively, utilize Shane’s vision and passing to move the ball around both wings and search for an attack. The diamond midfield can easily set up 1-2 passing combinations that invite defenders in, rather than having to try to play over them or through them. Kevin Huezo showed that he can help control possession and would make a great fit at the #10 once more.Defensively, your #6 (defensive mid) can tuck into the back line to help close any gaps. The midfield would shrink and allow the Coras to close down on the opposing attacker in numbers.

Both of Riverside’s opponents are new clubs with an interest in creating a team for their community. Riverside Coras FC have shown that they are a club built by the community, for the community and I think that Riverside Coras FC can help these two new organizations achieve in their community what Riverside has with theirs. So I’m extremely excited for this NPSL bye week. This time is gonna give us an opportunity to really take a look at the team, entertain the fans and help #supportlocalsoccer.

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