One down, but we aren’t out: Riverside Coras FC vs FC Golden State

It was a cool quiet night in the city of Whittier. Traffic wasn’t bad on the trip there and it offered a relaxing opportunity to prepare for the night’s match. As you walk into the stadium you can hear the DJ mixing up the music and you can see the teams warming up. It was a setting you want to see when travelling to an away match.

During the match Riverside did well to dictate tempo and absorb pressure from the attacking FC Golden State. The Coras lineup had quite a few changes, but answered the call of duty very well. Newcomer Yoshi played at LB in substitute for Alex Zaragoza who had been thriving over last few weeks. In total we saw five new Coras in the travelling squad.

We have a lot of local talent, a lot of our players are from the LA area. We sent them a message that we weren’t the same Coras they played in the first game. We played better football, it was mistakes; we gave them an inch they took advantage, we gave them a centimeter and they took advantage of that too. – Head coach Robert Vidrio

The match would end 3-1 in favor of home squad FC Golden State. After taking a 1-0 lead, the Coras squander the match and allow FCGS to score three unanswered goals in the last moments of each half.

For all the information on the Saturday night’s match, check out our post game chat. Sal and I go in-depth on what happened and how we move forward to make the play-offs.


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