Deja Vu: Riverside Coras FC @ Oxnard Guerreros FC

Date: Saturday May 26th 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Del Sol Stadium 1800 Camino Del Sol Oxnard, CA 93030

Oxnard Guerreros FC          Riverside Coras FC

1-7-0 // GF:7 // GA:20                         2-5-1 // GF:11 // GA:16

Deja vu, or is it that some sort of glitch in the matrix? Nope, Riverside just playing Oxnard for the second time in three weeks. Last match the Guerreros traveled to Riverside Stadium, played valiantly, but were unable to collect a result. For both teams a result is necessary if they wish to find that last playoff spot. Oxnard on three points need to win out the season, while Riverside sits in fifth place needing to bring home at least one point if they want to continue their #Fight4Playoffs. For our last match-up I predicted a goalfest, while three goals aren’t bad, I don’t think that would qualify for a goalfest. Even with that past knowledge I will predict it once more.

Both teams currently have four matches left to play. The Coras have a difficult path ahead facing Oxnard, San Diego, Arizona, and finish the season facing Orange County FC. Riverside will have to at least place fourth, if they want a shot at the playoffs. ( Check out NPSL playoff guidelines at: ) If Riverside can win out the remainder of the season they will make fourth place, on their own merit. While the last few matches will be the hardest of the season, the Coras will have the opportunity to host the last three in front of the Riverside faithful.

Everyone loves a high scoring match and if you have been keeping up with the Coras you have seen your fair share of them. The Coras attack will most likely be spear-headed by Romario Lomeli, whose pace and dribbling ability consistently split the Oxnard defense two weekends ago. While Riverside has been very aggressive in attack, their defense has been left spread, giving up more than enough opportunities for a good finisher to exploit. Enter Moises Orozco of Oxnard Guerreros FC, who has been the key figure in the Guerreros attack.

Coach Robert has also helped the Coras develop a strong pressing system, that allows their defense to cause turnovers and immediately transition to a quick counter-attack out wide. Through his three matches we have seen various changes in the starting XI but the system has still succeeded.

This match against Oxnard will prove to be a good test to help get the Coras back on the winning track. There is nothing left to lose in this NPSL regular season match-up. Will coach Robert’s past match against Oxnard help in his preparation, will all 18 players show up ready to win? Whatever happens it will be an exciting night in Oxnard and the Coras will need all the support they can get.

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