One long road trip, Coras manage to bring home one point.

Riverside travels three plus hours just for a point, the sad reality of this match week. This was the second time in three weeks that the Coras had to match up against the Guerreros of Oxnard and while Riverside battled for the win, they were only able to earn a draw. Defensive mistakes have costed Riverside multiple points throughout the season; it may have been a stoppage time penalty this week, but head coach Robert Vidrio will have to enstill some discipline into his team if they are going to finish in that playoff spot.

The deadline to make the playoffs is quickly approaching and Riverside have put themselves in a situation to control their own destiny. Can they win out the remainder of the season and attempt to achieve glory in the playoffs or will they come up short and have to read about it from home? The next three weeks will be hard-fought but it will take discipline and hunger for Riverside to make it.

Listen to our post-match recap as Sal explains what happened to the Coras in Oxnard and where we go from there:

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