Hold down the fort! Riverside Coras FC vs ASC San Diego

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Three final games at home. The playoffs are on the line and the Coras will need to be ready to defend their fort, Riverside Stadium. Since the hiring of head coach Robert Vidrio, Riverside has been a whole new squad. In his four matches Robert has 2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw. Robert, along side a few key players, have helped change the culture in the Riverside locker room.

This Sunday ASC San Diego travel to Riverside attempting to take three points away from a physical Riverside Coras FC who will be fighting for their chance in the playoffs. Riverside are currently eight points behind third place ASC, but only need fourth place to qualify for the play-in round of the playoffs. A win this week would potentially put them in fourth place going into the most crucial match left in the season.

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The first match between these two SoCal clubs, saw 5 yellow cards, 1 red card and 2 goals. The Coras were unable to break down the Albion defense and lost 2-0 ( goals by Garrett Heine and Sean Callahan) in their second match of the season. The plot has changed this time around; in the last 4 matches Riverside has scored 10 goals, collected 7 points and have only had 1 home game. The team is pushing towards playoffs and needs to continue to battle to stay alive. It’s a fight and Riverside needs warriors

Last week against Oxnard, the Coras welcomed back forward Kevin Huezo, who scored a crucial goal in the six goal thriller. Hopefully G-Unit ( Eric Gonzalez and Hugo Gutierrez) can start this match, but Riverside has shown to have depth in the center midfield position. New fullbacks Yoshi and Omar have also been highlights in the last few weeks: Yoshi showing his offensive skills through precisely timed overlapping runs and Omar’s athleticism has had him described as a “Bulldog” by Social Media Admin Salvador (@sal84447520  ). With these new defensive additions Alex Zaragoza could be transitioned into the attack. I think a left side controlled by Alex and Yoshi would look fantastic!

ASC San Diego has been a strong team throughout the entire year. Currently they sit five points under conference leaders Orange County FC, but have remained in contention for that first place spot all year. The last match was a battle and with everything on the line for the Coras, I would expect this one to be even more exciting. Stand strong Coras, it’s time to hold down the fort!

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