Riverside Coras FC suffer home defeat to ASC San Diego

Sunday evening was a scorcher at Riverside Stadium. It was 93 degrees on the thermometer¬†and most likely felt like over a hundred on the pitch. After 90′ and a few water breaks, the Albion Soccer Club stood victorious 3-1. The lone goal-scorer for the Coras was recently acquired, Yosimar Hernandez, who has been a star performer at left back.

I have began to form some what of a ritual after each match the Coras play. The next morning I immediately open up the NPSL standings and check where Riverside sits and the scenarios it may take for Riverside to make the playoffs. After this week’s loss to San Diego, the ritual ended and right after, I tallied it myself. After this week’s loss, Riverside Coras are now six points behind FC Arizona who are holding that last playoff spot.

How can Riverside Coras FC make the playoffs?

Next week’s match will be against FC Arizona. If the Coras can win by three goals they can help put in place a six goal swing in the goal differential rankings. That means in the last match week if Riverside can win, Arizona loses and the goal differential can swing another six points, in favor of Riverside, then the Coras will make it through to the playoffs.

Check out Sal’s thoughts on this weeks Post match recap:

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