Riverside Coras FC vs FC Arizona post match recap

Everything was riding on this one match, June 10th , 2018. Riverside Coras fought for their playoff spot but fell short. The score would end 4-0 to an Arizona side that came prepared and with the intention of bringing home no less than three points. Sunday’s match would end up being played at J.W. North High School, in front of what looked like the largest crowd Riverside has had all season. You heard noise makers, away fans and even personal cheering sections “ COACH SHAAAAAAANE!”

Riverside would go on to play the best 40 minutes I have seen them play all year. Strings of possession were long and meaningful as they looked to open up plays on the wings. Once possesion pushed FC Arizona back towards their own goal, it became time to beat defenders with their dribbling skill and that was the cherry on top of the possesion sundae.

Then, like many other occasions this season, disaster struck in the 45′ minute… twice. That really just turned everything upside down. Riverside had been dominant to that point but failed to convert their chances, including a penalty blocked by FC Arizona goalkeeper Giovani. The half ended and the crowd was in shock.

To start the second half, Coras GK Alonso Lara would be subbed out for Robert who would end up letting in two goals throughout the second half.

Play began to get rough; fouls were more frequent and stoppage time continued to add up from various infractions. The Coras had a few chances from corners and free kicks, but they were unable to find the back of the net. While a few players stuck out, it wasn’t enough to topple last year’s Southwestern Conference champions.

Riverside Coras FC take the field for the last time at home against Orange County FC. For a bigger look at last nights match listen to Sal and I discuss it on our post-match recap:

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