New Year Kicks Off at La Casa Ortega

To start the 50th season, the Riverside Coras Football Club held its 2019 introductory press conference at La Casa Ortega. The conference room was packed with loyal fans, players and media members from within the city. It was the perfect start to the new year.

Didn’t get a chance to catch it on Facebook live or in person? Check it here:

Want to be a part of our historic season? The Coras are looking for more volunteers to help make this year the biggest year in Coras history.  The club is looking for a graphic artist and any fan willing to contribute to the game day experience. If interested email or fill out the form here.

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2019 NPSL Season Press Conference

You are all invited to the Riverside Coras Football Club’s 2019 introductory press conference. The press conference will take place on December 29th, 2018 at La Casa Ortega ( 1690 Spruce St., Riverside, CA, 92507) . This press conference is open to the public and we encourage all of our fans, friends and family to be a part of this historic occasion.

During this event we will have interviews with various special guests. New head coach and general manager Shane Shelton will be taking questions and discussing his vision for this season and the future.

After, all fans will have a chance to meet the players, take photos and get autographs. Season tickets will also be available for purchase.

If you are a media member and would like to be available to ask questions please fill out the form below or email with your information.

We are Riverside’s premier soccer club and we look forward to sharing our vision with the community.



Beginning of the 50th

Tryouts, The beginning of all lower league soccer seasons. This was no different for the Coras who hosted 40+ talented local players looking to take their soccer career to the next level. New head coach/ general manager Shane Shelton, along with his long time teammate and assistant coach Jimmy Ross, watched these players play it out for over two hours and trimmed down the selection. Coach Shelton wants the opportunity to look at majority of these players during a real training session, as he continues to mold the squad to his liking. When asked what he was looking for, Coach Shelton replied “everything.” It is still unclear who will make the cut for the 2019 season, but all the necessary steps are being taken to create the right local roster.


The Riverside Coras Football Club looks forward to developing the right roster over the next few weeks. Season starts early February and The Coras will be preparing to win the conference and represent our community at the NPSL playoffs.

Under The Lens: Catherine Upson

We at the Coras Organization would like to welcome our newest staff member Catherine Upson ( ) . As we enter our 50th season, Catherine will be help show the nation and our community the beautiful game within Riverside,CA.

How did you get involved in soccer photography?
I started shooting soccer as a soccer mom when my son started playing soccer with Riverside AYSO Region 47.  As he progressed in the sport, so did my photography.  Almost 12 years later, we have both learned a lot.
What is your favorite part of shooting the beautiful game?
I love capturing the passion and intensity the players show for the game.
How long have you been a citizen of Riverside, CA?
I have lived in Riverside for 32 years.  We moved to here in 1986 when my dad was reassigned to March AFB.
What do you want to show the Riverside soccer community with your photography?  
I would like for people to see the passion and talent that is growing within Riverside for the sport of soccer.
What excites you about working with the Coras during their 50th season?
I am excited to be a part of the club this year because they are committed to growing the soccer community here in Riverside and highlighting our city and players on the national level through the NPSL.

Riverside College Wrap Up

The NPSL off-season is long and at times boring. We had to withdraw from the Riverside County Cup, due to our coach/ team manager having heart surgery (don’t worry he’s better now) and that has made it hard for us to try to find ways to keep ourselves occupied. Well we did some reflection, deep reflection, on the concept of local soccer. We reminded ourselves that the Inland Empire is a hotbed for soccer talent and that extends to our various local universities.

I know college soccer is weird and different like with rules like: unlimited subs, regular season games having sudden death overtime, only conference games matter in the season and teams sometimes play 2 games a week, similar English second tier. Many of our Coras have risen through the various Riverside County college systems and we believe that all Riverside local soccer matters.

Here are a couple of tables to reflect some of this season’s information. Keep in mind a team’s conference record doesn’t matter for this table.

Men’s unofficial best riverside college 2018

Position School Wins Ties Loses Traditional points Playoffs? Conference Highest finish in conference?
1 CSUSB 11 1 5 34 Yes CCAA CCAA Finals
2 CBU 9 1 9 28 No WAC 8th place
3 La Sierra 8 0 10 24 No CAL-PAC 6th place
4 UCR 6 2 9 20 Yes Big West BW Champions!

NCAA 1st round

5 Norco 5 3 10 18 No Orange Empire 7th place

Men’s top goal scorer *

Position School Name Goals scored Player number
1 CBU Preston Judd 15 #11
2 CSUSB Ortiz, Danny 11 #10
3 La Sierra Vasquez, Israel 10 #10
4 Norco Deshawn Mendel 7 #8
5 UCR Daniel Aguirre 6 #10

*includes playoffs

Here is a short review on each of these colleges:

Cal State University San Bernardino

CSUSB is under the leadership of Darren Leslie since 2014. One word to describe their season is consistency. A total of nine clean sheets and most wins won by two or more goals. The Coyotes had the best regular season in the area and advanced to the CCAA (California Collegiate Athletic Association) playoffs, where they fell to Cal Poly Pomona 1-0 in the final game. The first half was all Cal Poly. They kept possession in their defensive half and didn’t allow the Coyotes to gain any ground. In the 61st minute Cal Poly scored the first goal. It came from a cross from the left-wing and the attacker Castillo headed it in from close range.

Cal Baptist University

Next is Cal Baptist who I believe had the best live stream coverage of all the local colleges. Coach Coe Michaelson and the Lancers had an up and down start to the season . The biggest highlight was having the top goal scorer in the team scoring two hat tricks in the first three matches. It wasn’t until they faced UC Riverside in the Riverside College Derby, where they lost 2-1 via a golden goal penalty . That loss sparked a four game losing streak for the Lancers, during which they only scored one goal. CBU attacker Preston Judd went on to be the top goal scorer in the NCAA with 15 goals in the season. Judd is a tall striker ( 6’3”) who is skillful with his feet and has the speed to find balls sent into the open channels. One of his best goals this season, he nut megged a poor San Jose State defender and hits a low strike on the keeper’s near post. His play style suits CBU’s direct and quick style of play.

La Sierra University

For La Sierra University, they play in NAIA ( The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) which is a different beast from the NCAA. Long time coach Jesse Olivas had a real roller coaster of a season, particularly with their various score lines. The team lost games by huge margins: 0-4, 1-4, 1-5 and the largest loss of 0-9. While the Golden Eagles had a few big losses, they also had a way with winning via big margins. Some games ended 5-0, 6-1, 6-0 and 8-1. They failed to advance to the playoffs, missing qualification by one spot.

Norco College

Some context about Norco college, 3 of our Coras U-19 players are in the squad: Adrian Diaz, Edson Espinoza and Jamie Luna. Technically Norco college isn’t within Riverside city limits, but it is a part of the band of Riverside Community Colleges. This means RCC students who want to play collegiate soccer, play with Norco college. The team started out the season winning their first four out of five matches, then losing the remainder of their matches.

University of California Riverside

Finally, we get to the history making UCR highlanders. They field some of our first team players like Yosimar Hernandez (who had a 1-week tryout at Club America) and Dusan Keca. With Tim Cupello as head coach, the highlanders won the Big West championship for the first time in school history. Coming back in 2010 as an assistant coach, he went on to become interim head coach in 2013 when Junior Gonzalez went on to join the Chivas USA staff. In 2014 Cupello was named head coach. This season Tim Cupello focused on gaining results through their conference. They started the season with an eight game win-less streak and it wasn’t until they beat their crosstown rivals CBU that the Highlanders earned their first victory.

During the Big West playoffs UCR played hard, they were going to win and it wasn’t going to be pretty. They beat Cal State Fullerton after a 99th minute penalty to advance to the Big West Final. In the final vs UC Davis, the Highlanders kept possession and created chances through both wings, but it was snuffed out by the tall UCD keeper. The match would stay even at 0-0 for 90 minutes plus extra time. The Highlanders would go on to win in penalties 4-2. Daniel Castaneda would score the final penalty and the fans rushed the field, cheering for their side.

In their first ever D1 NCAA playoff game they faced a big challenge against Pacific University. The Highlanders couldn’t find a route to goal and eventually would lose 1-0.

The Coras believe that local soccer far extends past any national or regional league. It doesn’t need the title of “Pro” or “Amatuer” . Local soccer can be a high school game or even a college one. At the end of the day all you need is some friends, a ball and a field.

-Salvador Torres