Beginning of the 50th

Tryouts, The beginning of all lower league soccer seasons. This was no different for the Coras who hosted 40+ talented local players looking to take their soccer career to the next level. New head coach/ general manager Shane Shelton, along with his long time teammate and assistant coach Jimmy Ross, watched these players play it out for over two hours and trimmed down the selection. Coach Shelton wants the opportunity to look at majority of these players during a real training session, as he continues to mold the squad to his liking. When asked what he was looking for, Coach Shelton replied “everything.” It is still unclear who will make the cut for the 2019 season, but all the necessary steps are being taken to create the right local roster.


The Riverside Coras Football Club looks forward to developing the right roster over the next few weeks. Season starts early February and The Coras will be preparing to win the conference and represent our community at the NPSL playoffs.

Under The Lens: Catherine Upson

We at the Coras Organization would like to welcome our newest staff member Catherine Upson ( ) . As we enter our 50th season, Catherine will be help show the nation and our community the beautiful game within Riverside,CA.

How did you get involved in soccer photography?
I started shooting soccer as a soccer mom when my son started playing soccer with Riverside AYSO Region 47.  As he progressed in the sport, so did my photography.  Almost 12 years later, we have both learned a lot.
What is your favorite part of shooting the beautiful game?
I love capturing the passion and intensity the players show for the game.
How long have you been a citizen of Riverside, CA?
I have lived in Riverside for 32 years.  We moved to here in 1986 when my dad was reassigned to March AFB.
What do you want to show the Riverside soccer community with your photography?  
I would like for people to see the passion and talent that is growing within Riverside for the sport of soccer.
What excites you about working with the Coras during their 50th season?
I am excited to be a part of the club this year because they are committed to growing the soccer community here in Riverside and highlighting our city and players on the national level through the NPSL.