Beginning of the 50th

Tryouts, The beginning of all lower league soccer seasons. This was no different for the Coras who hosted 40+ talented local players looking to take their soccer career to the next level. New head coach/ general manager Shane Shelton, along with his long time teammate and assistant coach Jimmy Ross, watched these players play it out for over two hours and trimmed down the selection. Coach Shelton wants the opportunity to look at majority of these players during a real training session, as he continues to mold the squad to his liking. When asked what he was looking for, Coach Shelton replied “everything.” It is still unclear who will make the cut for the 2019 season, but all the necessary steps are being taken to create the right local roster.


The Riverside Coras Football Club looks forward to developing the right roster over the next few weeks. Season starts early February and The Coras will be preparing to win the conference and represent our community at the NPSL playoffs.

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