Our Story

Riverside Coras FC is a community based club ran by few staff members and many various volunteers. Riverside plays in the fourth division of U.S. soccer, NPSL ( National Premier Soccer League).We represent the Southwest Conference along with 7 other competitive clubs. The club believes in the development of young citizens and athletes that can represent the club, as well as the city to the rest of the nation.

Historically, the Coras have been affiliated with  Coras Tepic FC, a professional club that once played in Liga de Ascenso (Pro/Reg division), but currently are focusing on the reflection of the Riverside community.

The Inland Empire has a lot of soccer talent, we have seen many national players come out of the I.E. So we want to continue to grow our program, draw attention and increase our fan base. There are a lot of things we can do, say and plan for the next ten years. I would love to move up the divisions, but that’s a different story when it comes to the US soccer structure.

Riverside Coras FC President Robert Lopez-Guardado

Riverside Coras FC began in 1966-67 when the Sanchez brothers came together for a friendly church tournament. After winning their tournament, the Sanchez brothers had their club join Belvedere Soccer League in East Los Angeles; where the Coras went on to win two championships. Their success led to the ability to purchase a franchise slot in the California League in 1969.  The club has survived throughout the years and were relocated to Riverside, CA in 2013.